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Executive Committee 2017

The executive committee generally meets on the first Monday of each month. The venue rotates amongst the committee members homes. Any member is welcome to come to executive committee meetings, but please speak with Ed, the secretary, to advise him first. To send a group email to the whole executive...

The executive committee members for 2017 are:

Co-Chairs:        Howard and David R

Secretary:         Ed                        

Treasurer:        Kevin                   

Performance:  Beks                    

Membership:   Terry                   

Marketing:        Cindy                  

Non-Portfolio:  Sarai




The minutes of recent executive committee meetings are here in pdf format. These are for GALS members only. Please be respectful of this, and do not pass this information outside of GALS.


Music and Artistic Committee (MAC) 2017

The MAC organise GALS performances. The MAC is part elected and part appointed. To send an email to the whole MAC -

Current MAC members are:

Performance:   Beks                       Music Librarian:   Vacant

Accompanist:   Murray                   Musical Directors: Nick & Gracie

Elected:             Powhiri                   Appointed:            Joe

Elected:             Ruth G                    Appointed:           


Section Leaders

Section Leaders are here to help you! If you are struggling with something musical or administrative, your section leader may be able to help you. They might be able to answer your question. They might sit you next to a musically more experienced person, or direct you to the right person in the committee or the MAC. they can also intercede on your behalf with Nick or Gracie. The four section leaders are:

Soprano - Megan T - 021 048 3159

Alto - Sarah S - 021 252 3899

Tenor - Jamie - 021 708 942

Bass - Nick - 021 024 33006

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