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GALS is an incorporated society, and also a registered charity.


As an incorporated society, we have a constitution, which are the rules that the society and its members abide by. The rules also set out how different committees are formed, and the responsibility of office holders. They can only be altered at an annual general meeting or special general meeting. The pdf of the current rules is here.


GALS also has a set of bylaws. These are no less important, but are somewhat more easy to update. Here is the pdf of the bylaws currently in force for GALS. 

Every year GALS sets membership fees. The aim is that these fees cover the running costs of the choir. This includes room hire, storage, music, and conductor and accompanist costs. GALS is clear that individuals should not be barred from membership because of financial difficulty. The treasurer, Kevin, can confidentially help with reduced fees and payment plans. He can be emailed


The fees for 2017 are as follows:

Waged                                                               $490   

Monthly payments                                          $  49   (10 months March to December)

Unwaged / Students / Super annuitants     $350   

Monthly payments                                          $  35   (10 months March to December)


Please direct credit GALS bank account:

Account Name:  GALS Inc.

Account number:  12-3037-0437779-00 

Please put your name as a reference and “subs", to assist Kevin, the Treasurer. 



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